Verizon Throttling Quality of Netflix, YouTube Streams With Revamped Data Plans

by Sherry Padilla August 24, 2017, 1:40
Verizon Throttling Quality of Netflix, YouTube Streams With Revamped Data Plans

For prepaid lovers, there's also a Prepaid Unlimited plan for $80 per month, with unlimited data, talk and text, DVD-quality streaming and free calling to Mexico and Canada.

Go Unlimited is the entry-level plan, stating at $75 per month for a single line. All changes take effect beginning August 23, 2017. To sum up what's happening, everyone on Unlimited is going to have a throttled video experience, because even though Verizon continues to tout its LTE network as the best in the USA, it can't help but limit its customers to something less than ideal.

The basic "gounlimited" plan limits video streaming to a resolution of 480p, while the more expensive "beyondunlimited" plan includes 720p streaming. As its previous unlimited plan offered full HD resolution, users who choose Beyond Unlimited will now be paying more for roughly the same service. You also got "unlimited data" but is throttled when you reach 22GB, 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, and unrestricted HD Video streaming. It is also the one closest to the original plan, in that users only suffer reduced speeds when they exceed 22GB in a billing cycle.

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Verizon's changes are meant to preserve the quality of its network after the return of unlimited plans in February, Jefferies analyst Mike McCormack said in a research note. Moreover, the company has always attempted to diversify its business model in fields like communications, technology, wireless industry, Internet of Things (IoT) and the media video and digital platform.

The other carriers followed Verizons lead and essentially ended overage chages for data and drove down the price for cellular service.

Is a new mobile price war about to get underway? At the time, Verizon stated, "We've been doing network testing over the past few days to optimize the performance of video applications on our network.The test was across the board, and did not target any individual applications". Feeling the competition hot on its heels, Verizon jumped back into the unlimited game this year.

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Now, for Verizon customers, it won't matter if your phone can support it; you still can't get 1080p or 4K video if you're using LTE data.

The first tier plan will only allow 480p streaming on phones, 720p on tablets.

The company claims that nobody can tell the difference between 720p and higher on a phone and 1080p and better on a tablet, claims which are clearly ridiculous on an iPhone and iPad. This is exactly the sort of things that the FCC's net-neutrality protections (which, by the way, are now still in place) were meant to protect against.

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